How to Report on Salesforce Mass Emails, List Emails & HTML Email Status

In this video, we will show you how to report on emails sent via mass email, via list email or by a user sending an email using an HTML email template. We will be reporting on the emails we sent in the video called Salesforce How to Send Mass Emails vs List Emails.

Salesforce Resources:

How to Create a Report showing all Contacts who received Mass Email

  • This will only work if the user selected the option 'store an activity for each message' when sending the mass email.
  • Report tab -> New Report -> Choose Report Type = Activities with Contacts OR Activities with Leads
  • Filter = Subject contains Mass email

How to Create a Report showing all Contacts who received List Email

  • You must setup a custom report type in order to report on List Emails.
  • Setup -> Report Type - New Custom Report Type - Type = List Emails
  • Report tab -> New Report -> List Emails

How to Report on the Email Status of Emails a user sends

  • If you send an HTML email template (classic or lightning) from the Activity panel and you are not an Einstein Activity Capture user - you can use an HTML email status report.
  • Report tab -> New Report -> Type = HTML Email Status
  • Add fields and run report
  • PLEASE NOTE: This report will only show the emails the logged in user sent. Managers are not able to see the status and results of the HTML email sends for their team.

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