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All Blu Ninjas have active certifications on the Salesforce Certification Verification site.
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Salesforce Development & Implementation Services

If you’re just starting out with Salesforce, you have a lot of decisions to make, from which edition you need to the type of licenses you will purchase. We provide guidance on choosing the right Salesforce edition, the right mix of license types for your end users, and which applications we may need to install. If you’re extending your existing Salesforce org, we provide recommendations on the best way to build your customized solution.

  • Sales Cloud® and Service Cloud® Configuration & Development

  • Salesforce Communities Configuration

  • Workflows & Process Builder Development

  • Site Development

  • APEX Code & Visualforce Development

Salesforce Lightning Development Services

Don’t be overwhelmed moving from Classic to Lightning after running that Lightning Readiness Assessment. We’ll guide your Convert to Lightning Plan, so you’ll benefit from all the cool and exciting features Lightning has to offer.

  • Conversion from Classic to Lightning Interface

  • Lightning Component Development

  • Lightning UI/UX Specialists

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Salesforce Training Services

Training is essential for every company using Salesforce in any capacity.  If your employees don’t know how to use the system, your adoption will be low, information won’t be entered correctly, and reporting will be inaccurate.  Our expert Blu Ninjas will develop the right training program for your team. From creating and delivering hands-on classroom-style training to developing and producing  a full repertoire of recorded webinar-based training, we’ve done it all, and will do it all for you.

  • Hands-On, Classroom-Style Training

  • Recorded Webinars

  • Training Documentation

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Salesforce Consulting Services

Beginning the Salesforce journey or extending your current Salesforce org can be intimidating, but have no fear, your Blu Ninjas are here … to help you determine which edition of Salesforce you need, what licenses are necessary, and which applications will best serve your business.

  • Editions & Licenses Types
  • Product Offerings
  • Architecture & Design Consulting
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Data Management Services

Keeping a clean CRM can be a full-time job and is a must for good user adoption. No one wants to work in a system that has tons of duplicate records, blank fields, and plain old bad data. Let us help you put best practices in place to maintain your system and prevent issues before they can happen! (We can also help migrate data from old systems or spreadsheets and integrate Salesforce with your legacy ERP systems.)

  • Data Cleansing
  • Data Migration & Data Import
  • Data Integration
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Business Process Automation

If you’re still keeping spreadsheets or filling out forms manually even though your teams are using Salesforce, time and money are flying out the door. Remember, just because that’s the way you’ve always done it doesn’t mean it’s the most efficient way. By tracking all data in Salesforce, you’ll keep your information up to date, accessible by all Salesforce users, and reportable at all times. Get the most out of your Salesforce investment by automating laborious, outdated processes.

  • Workflow, Email Alerts & Field Update Configuration

  • Process Builder Development – Clicks not Code!

  • Approval Process Configuration

  • Case Routing,  Assignment & Escalation Rules

  • Lead Routing & Assignment Rules

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Reporting, Dashboards & Salesforce Wave Analytics Configuration Services

To see all your Salesforce data in a meaningful way, it’s crucial to customize reports and dashboards. Blu Ninjas will configure Salesforce to show trends in your business, expose opportunities, and celebrate successes. We’ll institute best-practice customization to show each level of your organization only the information it needs, and we’ll configure Wave Analytics to present amazing visualizations of your data.

  • Reports & Dashboard Configuration
  • Wave Analytics Configuration
  • Best Practices on Reporting
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System Permission Configuration Services

Ever wonder if your Salesforce org is secure enough, or who exactly has access to what data? A Blu Ninja security review can answer those questions and more. We’ll make recommendations based on the review, and help you establish the right access for your business. The Salesforce security model is multilayered, from profiles and roles to sharing settings and org-wide defaults. Salesforce is only as secure as the permissions you have in place for your end users.

  • Security & Data Access Review
  • Profiles & Permissions Configuration
  • Best Practices for Secure Development
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