Salesforce How to Send Mass Emails vs. List Emails

In this video, we review how to send mass emails and list emails in Salesforce. We will show the differences in how they function, things you should be aware of and limitations you may run into. List emails or mass emails in Salesforce are meant for sending emails to your known customer contacts for business purposes. You should not use these methods for emailing thousands of people from a purchased list of people you do not have a relationship with.

Salesforce Resources:

IMPORTANT -> Is your email promotional or transactional?

If you do not know the answer to this question, then you need to do some research to figure out the answer before hitting send on ANY emails.

It is recommended to use a marketing automation system like Mailchimp, Marketing Cloud, Pardot, Campaign Monitor to handle mass marketing email campaigns with promotional emails. These systems allow you to setup dedicated IP addresses and custom email domains for sending emails. This protects your main company domain from being blacklisted due to spam reports from the email recipients.

Mailchimp Resources:

  • Dedicated IP Address:
  • Email Domain Authentication:


Before sending emails, make sure you are familiar with CANSPAM laws. Violations can be costly for your company. There are differences between countries and even between US States. California requires a double opt in process before you can send promotional emails to the email address. Transactional emails have less requirements because they are considered to be emails that are needed to facilitate the business relationship or business transaction.

CANSPAM Resource:

Make sure you emails comply with these laws. All emails need to contain the following:

  • Business name and physical address must be in the body of the email
  • Originating name and email address must be accurate
  • No deceptive subject lines
  • Message must be clear and identified as an ad
  • Recipients of email need the ability to opt out of email and the process to do so must be clear to the recipient

Mass Email Features & Limitations

  • You can only send a mass or list emails to 5,000 external email addresses per day.
  • Mass emails cannot use a Visualforce email template or Lightning email templates.
  • There is not an automated way for a person to unsubscribe.
  • You can only send to Lead OR Contacts, you cannot send a mass email to both Leads and Contacts at the same time.
  • Mass emails can only be done in Classic
  • Mass emails can only log a Task in the Activity -> it cannot create Email Message records.

List Email Features & Limitations

    • You can only send a mass or list emails to 5,000 external email addresses per day.
    • List email can use Classic and Lightning email templates
    • Can send List Emails from the List Email, Lead or Contact tabs
    • You can send to both Leads and Contacts at the same time by sending a List Email to a Campaign from the List Email tab.
      • Make sure you are using a Lghtning email template with Recipient field merges so it will pull the data dynamically based on whether the record is a Lead or a Contact
    • List emails can only be done in Lightning
    • List emails create an Email Message record in the Activity pane

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