About Anjana Prakash

Anjana is a certified Salesforce developer and Technical Lead at Blu Ninjas. A passionate programmer with ninja skills in multiple programming languages, she has been solving challenging problems in a variety of industries on the Salesforce platform for more than 9 years.

Convert Leads from Account Page

Business Problem: So you have the Leads related to Accounts based on the match between the Lead's email address domain and the Account's website domain. If you don't, check out this article on how to get the free app to automate this for you. Now your users want to convert [...]

Relate Leads to Accounts

Business Problem: A common issue sales reps run into in Salesforce is the existence of leads in their database that are current customers. They end up calling the prospect trying to pitch their product and the person tells them "We are already a customer of yours". Few things are worse [...]